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We offer a comprehensive solution for fulfillment services. Our services go far beyond simple storage, warehouses and shipping. You can be sure that we will deliver the goods to your customers quickly and cost-effectively across Europe and around the world!

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Our fulfillment centers are located in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.
Our facilities allow us to operate on the territory of other EU countries and neighboring countries.
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Benefits of fulfillment
Everyone who decides to outsource their logistics processes chooses the way of maximum flexibility. Our scalable processes allow us to minimize your transportation costs. Everything works like clockwork in our warehouses! Thanks to a comprehensive system of transshipment points, considerate storage of goods and professional treatment of your goods, we reduce the delivery time for your customers to a minimum. We are happy to help with your expansion and make sure that your customers get their goods quickly wherever they are.
Is it easy to find a right fulfillment partner?
Labeled cardboard boxes, customized product packaging, automatic connection to stores, and eco- friendly delivery? Many retailers still believe that this is possible if the orders are carried out on their own. Most independent fulfillment centers have long attached great importance to fulfilling individual customer requests. However, in choosing a fulfillment partner, it is important to pay attention to several characteristics: does the fulfillment provider specialize in fulfillment for medium and large companies or for startups? Are the services of fulfillment centers really cheaper than our own logistics solutions? Does the fulfillment provider have reloading points for my trade supply chain? Only those who choose their fulfillment partner carefully will be happy with them in the long time. Antwerk Fulfillment is the best solution for you. We will be happy to become the best fulfillment provider for your company.

Our additional fulfillment services

We offer the following services:

Execution price

Price per order

0,46 € — 2,87 €

Price per piece

0,06 € — 0,91 €

Price per pallet / month

4,35 € — 15,33 €

There are no additional costs for our services. You only pay for the actual logistics services you use.
This is indicative information, which is not final.
The specified tariffs depend on several factors: the size of the product, the weight of the product, the
number of items, the volume of shipment, storage requirements and the necessary additional services.
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Both options are suitable. You are on the right track with us. Thanks to our programmed integration with your online store, you can get started in just a few clicks. You don't have to be a professional to do this - everyone can do it.
Send us your product
After signing the contract, you can connect your online store to our inventory management system within a few minutes. So, now we can get started. Send the product to our fulfillment department and let us know. We will take care of the rest and process your goods immediately upon arrival, so that you can earn money quickly.
Ship your products all over the world.
For example, you just received an order from China. These are the first global steps of your brand. We make sure that each order is properly packaged and shipped, so that your goods reach the customer as quickly as possible and meet the customs requirements, wherever the customers are. Because in today's global world, there is not too long distance for us.
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Flexible warehouse logistics
Whether it is procurement logistics, production logistics or distribution, we provide short-term intermediate storage, up to comprehensive logistics solutions for contract logistics.
Large-scale fulfillment
Take advantage of our flexible and productive fulfillment network and never worry about the logistics of delivering goods to your customers again.
Central platform
Antwerk supports the connection of all common ERP systems, business solutions and can easily implement individual requirements. In addition, customers have access to the Antwerk platform, through which they can track and analyze the movement of products, stocks, costs, and key performance indicators.
Presence all over Europe
All over Europe and beyond. Thanks to our network, we offer unsurpassed geographical coverage and always an ideal location.
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